Girls & Boys Classes

Girls & Boys Classes

girls & Boys Classes

Students begin in age-related classes with low student-to-coach ratios. Class placement is based on both age and gymnastics skill progression. The first class taken at our gym is a Trial Class. You pay for just one class when you arrive, and if you choose to sign up after your Trial Class, you will only pay for the remaining classes left in the session. Trial classes must be scheduled by calling us at 239-592-0608.

All of our beginner classes are taught by a highly-trained gymnastics instructor. Coaches strive to inspire our students with upbeat personalities, high energy and a genuine passion for teaching. We care about your child and take teaching very seriously by dedicating extra time and effort to help achieve goals and build self-esteem. We believe that the most effective learning occurs when a coach truly understands each student’s personality, utilizing coaching styles and techniques that compliment various types of learning. Our overall goal is for each child to strive for his or her “personal best” in the gym and in life!

Structured Gymnastics Classes account for approximately 85% of our gymnastics class offerings. In each of these classes, students will be taught the proper use and skills on the Floor, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, and will also be taught various jumping skills on our 40 ft. Tumble Track and In-ground Trampoline. There is an emphasis on not only teaching students a skill, but also teaching them the proper form with each skill, so that they look like a polished gymnast with great form! Constant supervision is provided to ensure safety while providing gymnastics learning experience.

To ensure that your child is consistently challenged and motivated, we will move your child up to the next level when they have accomplished specific skill criteria. Your coach will notify you when your child is ready to be promoted to the next level.

Recreational Classes account for approximately 15% of our gymnastics classes. More emphasis is placed on floor skills, moving at a faster pace, but not focusing on perfecting form. This is a more fun-oriented program where your child will get plenty of exercise, utilizing the Floor, Trampoline, & Tumble Track, with a more minimal instruction on Bars & Beam.

Gymnastic World Naples strives to provide a safe environment where students can learn many skills, have fun, and interact with other children.

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